Concert & Theatres

The Performing Arts Hall reveals a spectacular view of the futuristic architecture comprising high ceilings with great ambience. Spanning over two levels of tiered seating with multiple entrances outfitted with modern state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment making it an ideal space area for concerts, keynote sessions and other entertainment shows.

Located just outside of the Performing Arts Hall is the outdoor plaza, an open area. Take advantage of the space to connect with clients and guests for a mini bazaar, pre-event performances, photo sessions and outdoor concerts.

Performance Arts Hall

Room Gross Area (sqm) Gross Area (sqf) Theatre
Tun Mustapha P.A.H* 3,484.50 37,506.60 1,250

Open Plaza

Room Gross Area (sqm) Gross Area (sqf) Banquet Booth Capacity
Jesselton Square 6,953.40 74,845.60 3,500 370